Madame T. D. : liposuction and blepharoplasty


Janvier 2012

stay: 11/01/2012 to 20/01/12
After my stay at Avicenna clinic ten days for a large lupocussion and blepharoplasty, I would give my testimony.

Of my arrival I was in Tunis supported by the aéoport very charming Laetitia who handled transfers aéoport / clinic / hotel.

My first day at the clinic is very well, the personal I was immediately put at ease, they are all very gracious, caring and friendly.
The super large room, bright and spotlessly clean.
In addition I could distract myself with programs and television series.
My meeting with Dr. Hassen also very well, very professional and Dr affable man who took the time to explain the risks and adverse effects of my operation.
Operation that took place the next day, in excellent conditions and especially surrounded by a great team.

I woke up without much trouble and the management of pain is very effective, for the third day I felt fit and I could already walk without great difficulties.
I also want to salute the meals that were served to me, plentiful and varied, I did not expect such quantities in a hospital.
My stay in the hotel was also fine, lovely, open and charming staff.

To conclude my stay was fantastic and I would not hesitate to return if necessary.
Again thank you in Maroua with whom I have talked for months before deciding to take the plunge.
A Laeticia that has been there for me throughout my stay, the formidable Dr. Hassen Ben Jemaa and the entire team of the hospital and the hotel.
THE 11/03/2012.


Centre Urbain Nord, 1082 Tunis


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