Madame S. V. : Rhinoplasty


26/06/ 2010

Hello Patricia,

Finally, I take a moment to give you my news.

I have more postoperative external signs, blue left, my face regained its usual appearance except my nose I’m very happy. Even my children are amazed because now I like them even more.

I discussed at length with my oldest daughter. Two years ago, she made the same approach, but for different reasons, his nose was wide between the eyes. Being away from me, she had unraveled one, but I think it is not at all happy with the result, I’m afraid she have been dealing with someone not very competent. Also, she would like to ask some questions to Dr. Ben Jemaa, on what can be done to improve the result.

I therefore thank you for your availability and your empathy. Make all my regards to Dr. Ben Jemaa and thank him for me, he really did a good job.

See you soon,

I kiss you. S.


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