Madame S.O. : Liposection


18/04/ 2010

To: Patricia Porter

Deciding to have surgery liposuction and breast ptosis abroad is not an easy task. Thank you for listening, responses and availability that you have made me during this period.

I did all the blood tests and mammography in France, I have sent you all and after approval, I started.

When I arrived in Tunis, I was supported and taken to the clinic. The kindness and professionalism of the staff is to report, we are really pampered, at all levels (care, availability, meals).

For my operation, we reviewed the points together. I appreciated the fact of not being influenced more I wanted it to remain natural and it is.

After leaving the clinic, your assistant took me to the hotel where I spent my recovery with my husband who had joined me. I also want to say that if one is only to come, there is always your assistant passes to us. I could join at any time with the notebook that had been entrusted to me. Every night, the nurse passed me the necessary care. We met again seven days later for check up or you gave me your green light to return with everything I will need care for the rest.

I went for 3 months and all is well. In any doubt or question, I have contacted you if necessary I sent you a picture, the response was quick.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with my operation but also any follow and I highly recommend your clinic.



Centre Urbain Nord, 1082 Tunis


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