Madame R. V. : Breast augmentation


mai 2011

I too was afraid to go abroad for an operation all the more that it was not necessary for n my life … I think even in France I would have been nervous.
My experience and that of my friend who advised me was great.
I ve been taking care of my arrival, then headed to my hotel I have met Dr. Ben Jemaa, who is very professional and reassuring, he speaks my very reassuringly. He listens well all our anxiety, answers to all our questions and reassures on …. you feel like the only woman that he …. it is very discreet and has helped me choose the final size because I was n not too attached and he very well chosen according to my personality.
I went from a 90 to a 90d (it sounds huge but we can not compare because they are so beautiful that they entirely fill the bra compares a natural breast, how to tell you my cleavage envy but not vulgar), they are beautiful, my operation s place last 9 May, and we do not see any scars
I got operated at the same time that a friend in France who paid double for q only stay one day in hospital, she n not get over my breasts …
I am not accompanied ny but went on site Patricia welcomed me like a true friend and s care of me.
J stayed there the week and as soon as I had a question I could talk to the doctor who was always very reassuring, it feels really well supported and supervised, antibiotics and other care are French: betadine, augmentin … . they provide support retaining groove downs of restraints … my girlfriend the purchase of France she got for 130 euros for the bra ….
I did not know Tunisia nor any of the Magreb countries. J was very surprised by the friendliness of the people and how I felt reassured me to walk in the street. The people are very helpful and friendly.
With regard to the price of step c is according to the hotel you selected.
All I can add is that I c l have advised all my friends and I will go with the same so I have enjoyed.
That I hope that I have responded to your concerns.
N not hesitate to contact me if you asd other questions or concerns.


Centre Urbain Nord, 1082 Tunis


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