Madame N.A. : Abdominoplasty


Aout 2013

Hello Dr. Ben Jemaa,

I am back to civilization after two weeks of rest well deserved in my village after leaving Tunisia !!

I still want to thank you from my heart for the welcome, patience and support.

Marie-Pierre and Laetitia: pardon for not having given news earlier, and thank you for your kindness.

I gives me pretty well, although I sometimes have slight tingling at the scar? I also have a little trouble keeping the long sitting, it tugs at the scar ….. The suture son have also begun to fall, and I continue to clean it daily with betadine.

I want to know when to stop wearing the jacket please? (I was operated on August 12).

The belly area is still unresponsive, a little hard and a little swollen … I guess that’s normal?

Thank you in advance and good day!

Dr. Bsr;


Centre Urbain Nord, 1082 Tunis


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