Madame  M. D. : abdominoplasty



Hello doctor
thank you for your response,
I am delighted to learn that I can leave the sheath (especially in May, for I will be beside the Mediterranean and it can get hot, even on my side of this sea) !!
the surgeon I saw in Cochin must have instructions corresponding to his obese patients
I am delighted to be able to resume – gently – abdominal, to regain my good flat stomach, the one I had all my life with some regular gym ….
, Until I stop a while and I first take care of my father in later life, and my mother’s Alzheimer’s,
since late 2008 I absolutely ceased to take care of myself, and I did not recognize myself, I gained weight (more than to my ménopause- I had the good idea to stop smoking same time) but for the first time in my life by dietary compensation – cheeses or sweets, and even alcohol
I arrété all this (a lot of effort, every day) but at my age, the kilos “stick” very quickly !!


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