Madame M. : Abdominoplasty et liposuction



For those who still hesitate when learning a tummy tuck and liposuction: I have been operated by Dr. Ben Jemaa November 12, 2009 for an excess abdominal fat and sagging abdominal muscles.
After three months of contact through the internet, I had enough confidence in the professionalism of the doctor and his experience.
Arrival in Tunis on November 11, reception at the airport by Patricia collaborator Dr., very pleasant, smiling and efficient. She transferred us directly to the Avicenna Clinic, at first I was positively surprised by the rapidity of the management, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, and the quality of rooms, spacious and bright.
I met Dr Ben Jemaa from 14 pm, it took time to get to know and very naturally answered all the questions about the intervention, what I found very reassuring, this is a very serious Mr. and rigorous. I then had the visit of the anesthetist cheerful, nice, very “pro”. From 14 am the following day I was operated on, I was not afraid, I was completely confident, the operating room is very modern and the staff pleasant, well accompanied awakening.
The next day I realized that my belly had disappeared, I hardly dared believe it was a total success, I was in heaven !!! I stayed at the clinic three days under the watchful eye of the doctor and his “staff”.
The end of the holiday took place in a calm and pleasant hotel, I had daily visits from Patricia and nurse, Mr affable and gentle, for dressings and care.
Back at home, I could see that I had found my size 38, I finally dares 2 rooms I stayed in contact with Dr. Ben Jemaa who always answered my questions and assured a monitoring very reassuring care.
So do not waste time, I am 56 years old and I think I could get rid of my complexes before. I found the size of my 30 years and if it again I will not hesitate a moment.


Centre Urbain Nord, 1082 Tunis


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