Madame H.F. : Liposuction


26/10/ 2010

Date 26/10/10 at 07:54

I was operated on by Dr Ben Jemaa, the Avicenna Clinic, his team is great.

I had heard of the Avicenna Clinic, on a TV show dedicated to cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, but in truth I do not know on what channel, it has been more than a year. For the facelift, I saw a result on a person BEN JEMAA operated, and it is awesome, perfect, it is not seen at all !!

J”y went alone, and I was much stressed, it was the first time I went to Europe, but finally everything went well, I was taking care of my arrival at ‘airport.

I do not have much chest after breastfeeding and I was even more motivated, because I lost the chest, and the little I had was falling. It got me so motivated.

I enjoy to make a total lipo because from two interventions I got a 40% discount

At the level of pain now things are better, the first 3 days (response included) are hard enough, I have already lost 4 cm in thigh circumference, 6 cm belly circumference, hip circumference 4cm, for now I am quite satisfied to wait for the final result.

In Tunisia, I was much talk of Dr. Ben Jemaa, I’m going to a hair salon, and they told me that it was a cosmetic surgeon of Tunis’s most renowned.

I do not regret that I did, I feel much better about myself and am even more fulfilled, I’ll have to take one size bigger, but instantly I did not dare, I afraid that the result is not natural, but it’s perfect.



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