Madame G. H. : Breast augmentation and Rhinoplasty


Good evening Dr. Ben Jemaa,

I made me made by you on May 28 for a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.

More than two months later, I wanted to give you some news …

The suites on my operations are very positive.

- Rhinoplasty: I did not expect a “big” change, for me it was just a small detail correct …

except that this operation has brought a lot of sweetness to my face … everybody am very “embellished” …

like “rejuvenated” I love my little straight nose … it puts my cheekbones Ukrainian worth … and for the first time in my life …

even when I’m cleansed … I find myself pretty. I congratulate you on having managed to correct this defect respecting

the physiognomy of my face … no one has guessed the operation … but everyone finds me beautiful (at my age :-)))

Breast -L’augmentation: healing was done quickly, the pain disappeared two weeks after I returned …

despite the many times I had to wear my little boy, shopping and other …

I am delighted to size selected (75 C) … because although I prefer the fuller breasts … my 45 kgs

harmonize perfectly with my chest. Proportionally, the result is maximum

I could consider natural, and that’s what I wanted.

It is with great pleasure that I changed my underwear … finished overlay several bras

to deceive ….

I continue to relax massages my new breasts … they gradually come to life … and I


So my little stock of stay is more than positive …

It allows me to face “all the rest” in feeling attractive and desirable …

What is essential to keep “hope”.

Thank you for the welcome I received upon my arrival with Patricia, for your skill and your kindness.

If the opportunity arises, I will be happy to show you the super * “result of your work.

I’m a huge kiss to Patricia that was a real ear friend and I do not forget.

and a kiss for you too … and friendly with a big THANK YOU …



Centre Urbain Nord, 1082 Tunis


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