Janvier 2014

Madame B.C. : Abdominoplasty

Hello dr BEN JEMAA Thank you for the quick operation report.
My family & meme are very satisfied with the result.

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MARS 2016


Dr Hassen Ben Jemaa are rendering to the top I am fully satisfied thank you for your professionalism.
Best regards

Miss B. A.


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JUIN 2015


Hello doctor
I wanted to thank you because I am very happy with the result and thank you for not listening m have mostly thousand thank you for your professionalism and your attention you are a great person and great God bless you

Melle P.M.

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AOUT 2015


Hello gentlemen,
I dye to thank you for this experience.
With Ypsee I apprehended less these operations.
Dr. Ben Jemaa and his team are terrific Medical and x pampering.
Laetitia is available and knowing that it is available for any glitches = it reassures us.
Many Thanks and be sure that I do not miss about you, the better.

Mrs B. S.

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MARS 2013


Good evening doctor I hope you are well and your family. I often think of you with all his last time is what happened in Tunisia and especially .peinée solidarity with you and all the brother people of Tunisia do not I keep very good memories of my last trip the bottom. ‘j’ai dealt with a very humble professional doctor and a great team thank you again for your professionalism and your humanity and I really hope to have the opportunity to hear from you.

Ms. K. S.

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Aout 2013

Madame K.M. : Breast augmentation

That’s it, I’m back home. I am absolutely delighted with the result, and I really want from my heart to say a big big thank you Doctor.

I had absolutely no pain toutdes standards, something I feared above all and a week later, I still can not have recovered so quickly after the operation .no, really, there is nothing wrong, there are only positive and I am actually very happy with the result I like my chest and I’m comfortable.

Also a big thank you to you Leatitia for the warm welcome and for all c was nice to meet you too.

Stay tuned for more news

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Aout 2013

Madame N.A. : Abdominoplasty

Hello Dr. Ben Jemaa,

I am back to civilization after two weeks of rest well deserved in my village after leaving Tunisia !!

I still want to thank you from my heart for the welcome, patience and support.

Marie-Pierre and Laetitia: pardon for not having given news earlier, and thank you for your kindness.

I gives me pretty well, although I sometimes have slight tingling at the scar? I also have a little trouble keeping the long sitting, it tugs at the scar ….. The suture son have also begun to fall, and I continue to clean it daily with betadine.

I want to know when to stop wearing the jacket please? (I was operated on August 12).

The belly area is still unresponsive, a little hard and a little swollen … I guess that’s normal?

Thank you in advance and good day!

Dr. Bsr;

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Mars 2013

Mademoiselle A.D. : Rhinoplasty


I hope you are well, about my rhinoplasty I am very satisfied with the result at five weeks of the operation. The tip is still swollen but I saw a big difference at the edge that deflates slowly. It is reassuring to see that it very much deflated in a few weeks.

I send you some pictures for you to have an overview.

Thank you to you for the welcome, your super professional medical team and comely and more than satisfactory result !!

Good late afternoon.

Best regards

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Février 2013

Madame M.L. : Rhinoplasty and Breast augmentation

Hello Mr,
I contact you to give you news of you,
my chest starts fell, more flexible, and I am delighted!
the nose is very pretty, more feeling clogged nose cons I feel the tip of my nose is a little swollen ??? if this is the case, it Will deflated ???? is this normal ??? larrete my nose Will she still refined s ???
wishing you a good evening
even LOK

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Février 2013

Madame D.F. : liposuction

Hello Sir Ben Jemaa
I hope you are well.
I just give you news.
Hopefully, the blues disappeared 15 days since I took over the sport since wedernier, swimming pool and golf and Cellutec 2f / week including drainage.
T he results are good, I pay attention to food hygiene week and we free level and this during the next 6 months as you have asked me.
The belly disappeared, wrists and stomach must have well diminué.il remuscler, I continue panty port still a fortnight.
Dawn goes well, she lost 2kg despite frequent differences and all the family was not aware he was pronounced weight loss last Sunday at home.
I hope that this beautiful country of Tunisia regain its serenity and its economic development.
Best regards.

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Janvier 2012

Madame T. D. : liposuction and blepharoplasty

stay: 11/01/2012 to 20/01/12
After my stay at Avicenna clinic ten days for a large lupocussion and blepharoplasty, I would give my testimony.

Of my arrival I was in Tunis supported by the aéoport very charming Laetitia who handled transfers aéoport / clinic / hotel.

My first day at the clinic is very well, the personal I was immediately put at ease, they are all very gracious, caring and friendly.
The super large room, bright and spotlessly clean.
In addition I could distract myself with programs and television series.
My meeting with Dr. Hassen also very well, very professional and Dr affable man who took the time to explain the risks and adverse effects of my operation.
Operation that took place the next day, in excellent conditions and especially surrounded by a great team.

I woke up without much trouble and the management of pain is very effective, for the third day I felt fit and I could already walk without great difficulties.
I also want to salute the meals that were served to me, plentiful and varied, I did not expect such quantities in a hospital.
My stay in the hotel was also fine, lovely, open and charming staff.

To conclude my stay was fantastic and I would not hesitate to return if necessary.
Again thank you in Maroua with whom I have talked for months before deciding to take the plunge.
A Laeticia that has been there for me throughout my stay, the formidable Dr. Hassen Ben Jemaa and the entire team of the hospital and the hotel.
THE 11/03/2012.

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Mars 2012

Mademoiselle N. E. : Breast lift

i hope u are doing fine dr.Ben jemaa
thank you very much for every thing u have done to me … Any hope for after-losing Having My femininity back again ..
i am so happy from the results up to now >>
i can not wait for the final ones >>
u like my hero not my doctor Careers
thank you very very much verrrrrrrrrrrrry
my best regards

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Mai 2012

Madame R. B. : liposuction

Hello, I came this very well, laeticia hospitality was great. I was pleasantly surprised by my room with spatieuses ^^ TV the same evening I saw the anesthetist told me all things concerning anesthesia. The next day I saw Dr. Ben Jemaa who took his time, he reassured me and put me at ease, but I remained stressed because it was my first intervention. The aides were enough for me, I saw Dr. Ben Jemma and I were transfered to the hotel. I still have some trouble walking and was all swollen, but I already see the results at the hips while AC makes optimistic). Again thank you for your professionalism, and you will keep abreast of the suite.

thank you again

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Juillet 2012

Madame CG Blépharoplasty and Genital’s Surgery

Hello doctor Ben Jemaa,
Simply to express my gratitude about my two operations carried out on July 15, 2012. I am really delighted. blepharoplasty changed my look, I finally just my makeup and I want. people around me are bleufées enthusiastic. I enclose a photo of visage.Pour the second operation, no worries, fine and beautiful. I took the sport. During the first 3 weeks, some items bothered me the following positions.
Now I no longer think.
A big thank you also to Laticia, very nice and professional.
may be one of those days. Who knows!!

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Septembre 2012

Mademoiselle E.A. : Breast augmentation

I just returned from Tunisia and I have undergone a change of breast implant asymmetry corrected by Dr. Ben Jemaa, this doctor is an excellent surgeon who reussia correct what fancespecialistes 3 doctors in surgery esthetiquen reussia have ever done. C is a surgeon at the nimble fingers !!! I recommend, 100 percent. Acceuiltres good, cleanliness very good, tresa tuned and pleasant staff. Thank you and thank you re m you have made a smile !! E.A

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Septembre 2012

Madame K.F. : Rhinoplasty and lipofilling

Hello doctor

I am sharing the Evolution of rhinoplasty with facial lipofiling. I chickened out and I am very satisfied with the result (vousetes an artist) The nose is asymmetrical currently a rating. I send you pictures. it’s great, because all around me the world is prettier me without realizing that I made a rhinoplasty. Tell me please t an asymmetry of this type will it be absorbed? I need etrerassurée, otherwise we will have another little touch next year.;;)) Good for wedding photos I guess the little bump will disappear. Thank you again once you have transformed me – I am very happy nice day

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Madame I. G. : Facelift

I’m still happy with the results, our Doctor BENDJEMAA is an ace of the knife, and I have nothing but praise for its respect (as in yours for that matter). The problem is that his work is so perfect that nobody asks me what I did, everyone is more relaxed that before, with more serene features, but no one suspected that I made surgery !!!

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Mademoiselle O. H. : liposuction

Hello doctor
Thank you for the hard work you’ve done to me, I am very happy with the result and all the people around me keep me remark, and compliment your work, yet it does that 25 days.
Day after day, the result begins to appear visibly, the pain disappears, blue fade, the silhouette is refined, demonstrating the skill of a true artist surgeon.
May God protect you doctor.

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Madame L. N. : Breast augmentation

Hello Laetitia

Yes, I’m back, thank you.
I filled out the form and I’ll pass it on to Sébastien quickly.
I hope for you all is well and that you do not have too much work.

I no longer aches, I am much better.
I am delighted with the result and happy with my stay
Thank you again for your kindness, stay as you are, that’s great.

until later Laetitia


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Mademoiselle L. P. : Breast augmentation

hello dear doctor,

I hope you are well, I wish you happy holidays, thank you again and tell you it’s a real treat, not to have complex and be proud of his decolte.
Good night :))

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Mademoiselle L. M. : liposuction

Dear Doctor Ben Jemaa,

First, I present you my best wishes.

I follow you pictures following my inner thighs and knees liposuction and the “banana” under the buttocks.

I have not encountered any déconvenu, I am absolutely delighted with the result. I see a real refinement of my thighs and a better definition of buttocks. In fact, I went from a size 38-40 to a 34-36.
The results also find when weighing, since before the operation, I weighed 55kg. Today, I weigh 52 kg, and without depriving myself.

Thank you for this wonderful work.

Would it be possible to send me photos of before surgery to better understand the results?


Manel L.

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mai 2011

Madame R. V. : Breast augmentation

I too was afraid to go abroad for an operation all the more that it was not necessary for n my life … I think even in France I would have been nervous.
My experience and that of my friend who advised me was great.
I ve been taking care of my arrival, then headed to my hotel I have met Dr. Ben Jemaa, who is very professional and reassuring, he speaks my very reassuringly. He listens well all our anxiety, answers to all our questions and reassures on …. you feel like the only woman that he …. it is very discreet and has helped me choose the final size because I was n not too attached and he very well chosen according to my personality.
I went from a 90 to a 90d (it sounds huge but we can not compare because they are so beautiful that they entirely fill the bra compares a natural breast, how to tell you my cleavage envy but not vulgar), they are beautiful, my operation s place last 9 May, and we do not see any scars
I got operated at the same time that a friend in France who paid double for q only stay one day in hospital, she n not get over my breasts …
I am not accompanied ny but went on site Patricia welcomed me like a true friend and s care of me.
J stayed there the week and as soon as I had a question I could talk to the doctor who was always very reassuring, it feels really well supported and supervised, antibiotics and other care are French: betadine, augmentin … . they provide support retaining groove downs of restraints … my girlfriend the purchase of France she got for 130 euros for the bra ….
I did not know Tunisia nor any of the Magreb countries. J was very surprised by the friendliness of the people and how I felt reassured me to walk in the street. The people are very helpful and friendly.
With regard to the price of step c is according to the hotel you selected.
All I can add is that I c l have advised all my friends and I will go with the same so I have enjoyed.
That I hope that I have responded to your concerns.
N not hesitate to contact me if you asd other questions or concerns.

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Madame L. A. : Breast augmentation

Hello doctor!

I hope you are fine since the time !? Me all goes well, I’m so glad my surgery, scars are more pretty and I rarely wrong! I rather regret not having taken a slightly larger size, but I’m still happy with the result already! It’s a great job!

See you soon!

Good night!

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Madame G. S. : Facelift

I returned to the house there is a half hour and I am delighted to be in my walls.
What an adventure, this one went well I actually meet a really nice team, medical and related services. People are really attentive during your torment.
I just hope that I was able to convey my sympathies also overlooked because they did not obviously after an operation to be listening and empathy with respect to people who give you small words that make you good.
As for the result of the operation, I’m surprised by the smoothness of the result and this for one week only. I hope I get this notice crescendo.

I loved the simplicity of Dr. Ben Jemaa.

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Madame  M. D. : abdominoplasty

Hello doctor
thank you for your response,
I am delighted to learn that I can leave the sheath (especially in May, for I will be beside the Mediterranean and it can get hot, even on my side of this sea) !!
the surgeon I saw in Cochin must have instructions corresponding to his obese patients
I am delighted to be able to resume – gently – abdominal, to regain my good flat stomach, the one I had all my life with some regular gym ….
, Until I stop a while and I first take care of my father in later life, and my mother’s Alzheimer’s,
since late 2008 I absolutely ceased to take care of myself, and I did not recognize myself, I gained weight (more than to my ménopause- I had the good idea to stop smoking same time) but for the first time in my life by dietary compensation – cheeses or sweets, and even alcohol
I arrété all this (a lot of effort, every day) but at my age, the kilos “stick” very quickly !!

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Madame  M. L. : Breast augmentation

I now know that I will find the taste to take care of my body “renovated” (without having the slightest desire to pass for
I am not, but to rediscover the pleasure of being good in my body)

thank you for this and also for the real confidence I have in you,
Best regards
Hello doctor,

I vs gives news late excuse me for that. here is a year that you have oppere m and I wish to thank you again because my breast and beautiful, going very well and I aissi. I enverer you pictures soon.
I hope that your buisness is well malgret carries the political movement of Tunisia. See you soon.

M. L.

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Mademoiselle  B. L. : liposuction


I offer you my best wishes for 2011,
I hope all goes well in Tunisia for the news ..
Compared to the transaction, it is barely six months you have made me and here I am with 3 sizes 18.5 kilos less and less!
86 kilos before the operation, after six months 67.5 kilos! What a joy !!!

Good night,


L. B.

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Madame  K. L. : Breast lift

Good evening,

I received your wishes for the new year and I thank you. Please receive mine also.

I also want to say that I am very happy with the operation and post-operative suites were simples.Je thank you because I no longer suffer, my chest is not edematous, it is more flexible and therefore more natural.

Thank you.

Best regards.

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Madame B. Y. : abdominoplasty

I was not really worried but the advice of my doctor I’ve known for 20 years counted lot. then here I charge you if you’ll tell the nice and not less talented dr. Benjeema the dr. rochard here that my doctor had done work quite aesthetically I’ll pass all the medical jargon but hey it’s great I am more than happy I have obviously still remained quiet for now but with a moral of steel. I wish you all full of good things. I know you’ll have a lot of work for this year end then strength and courage to you I will come back to give you news soon big kisses over and again thank you to all of you. PS: I still do not smoke … YES ….

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Madame E. F. : Facelift

Hello doctor,

I wanted to tell you that after five weeks post-op, all is for the best. The result of my neck lift is very satisfying and congratulations fuse of any side.

I also wanted to thank you for everything, your home, your follow post-op, your availability at all times.

Furthermore, I confirm that you can use my photos for your future patients and I would be very grateful to kindly send me by mail (before and after) so I can show in France to future interested patients .

In the meantime, please accept, Doctor, in the assurance of my deep respect.

Ms. E

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Madame B. M. : Facelift

I wish to thank all at the patient flying for the recent success of my upper eye lift and liposuction. From the start everything was made easy and comfortable for my 7 day stay. Selwa, Who puts me at the airport, was superb all the way through. The clinic was clean and friendly and Doctor Ben, well what can I say, he made me relaxed and confident about my surgery aswell as being white good looking. I Was Allocated a nurse to come to the hotel every night to change my dressings and give me my injections. My nurse, although a man, gentle and considerate Was of my needs. I can not praise enough _him_. I Traveled alone for this operation so was a bit apprehensive. I Was Given Good comprehensive information from the begining. I Was Constantly Monitored Informed and through out my stay. The hotel although a bit basic Was reasonably comfortable. It is Nearly two weeks since my adventure Began. The only tip for British patients i would give. Take your own tea. Selwa Went out of her way to Ensure I Had kettle and tea bags to sustain me through the week. She Was on call When ever I needed her. So thankyou Selwa. Would I do this again with the flying exceptional patient care, consideration at all times. Thankyou

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Madame A. C. : Breast augmentation

Hello Dr. Ben Jemaa !!! How are you doing ??!!! Just a quick note to tell you that everything is fine on my side, my chest is beautiful, I am very grateful, here are pictures of my chest so far, I hope you will be proud of your art !! Good luck to you and my friends Patricia !!


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Madame F. V. : Facelift

Doctor, I wanted to tell you that after five weeks post-op, all is for the best. The result of my neck lift is very satisfying and congratulations fuse of any side. I also wanted to thank you for everything, your home, your follow post-op, your availability at all times. Furthermore, I confirm that you can use my photos for your future patients and I would be very grateful to kindly send me by mail (before and after) so I can show in France to future interested patients . In the meantime, please accept, Doctor, in the assurance of my deep respect. Ms. E

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04 /02/ 2010

Madame C. G. : Abdominoplasty

From: D P

Date: 04/02/2010 9:27:25

A: Dr. Ben hassen JEMAA

Subject: Cosmetic surgery ADOMINOPLASTIE

Hello doctor,

Given your international reputation, I did not find it necessary to seek other opinions

Medical plastic surgeons, your enough.

I confirm hereby my consent to the tummy tuck, surgery date: Monday, May 24, 10;

From: C G To: benjemaa.dr

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18/04/ 2010

Madame S.O. : Liposection

To: Patricia Porter

Deciding to have surgery liposuction and breast ptosis abroad is not an easy task. Thank you for listening, responses and availability that you have made me during this period.

I did all the blood tests and mammography in France, I have sent you all and after approval, I started.

When I arrived in Tunis, I was supported and taken to the clinic. The kindness and professionalism of the staff is to report, we are really pampered, at all levels (care, availability, meals).

For my operation, we reviewed the points together. I appreciated the fact of not being influenced more I wanted it to remain natural and it is.

After leaving the clinic, your assistant took me to the hotel where I spent my recovery with my husband who had joined me. I also want to say that if one is only to come, there is always your assistant passes to us. I could join at any time with the notebook that had been entrusted to me. Every night, the nurse passed me the necessary care. We met again seven days later for check up or you gave me your green light to return with everything I will need care for the rest.

I went for 3 months and all is well. In any doubt or question, I have contacted you if necessary I sent you a picture, the response was quick.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with my operation but also any follow and I highly recommend your clinic.


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19/05/ 2010

Madame JP.F. : Facelift

From: JP.F Posted: 9:24 Wednesday, May 19, 2010 To: benjemaa Cc: Subject: quote request my address: jp.f

hello, Dr. Ben Jemaa, how are you? It’s always a pleasure to come back to you. I am so satisfied with the CFL made with any desired address that I can make you great compliment again and again; so here is my concern: there are time qq qq I sent photos to renew lipofiling that as you had told me suffers a loss of volume; I would therefore like to again be in your hands; I am waiting for the specifications; dear Doctor thank you to answer me, I count on you. Yours.


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26/06/ 2010

Madame S. V. : Rhinoplasty

Hello Patricia,

Finally, I take a moment to give you my news.

I have more postoperative external signs, blue left, my face regained its usual appearance except my nose I’m very happy. Even my children are amazed because now I like them even more.

I discussed at length with my oldest daughter. Two years ago, she made the same approach, but for different reasons, his nose was wide between the eyes. Being away from me, she had unraveled one, but I think it is not at all happy with the result, I’m afraid she have been dealing with someone not very competent. Also, she would like to ask some questions to Dr. Ben Jemaa, on what can be done to improve the result.

I therefore thank you for your availability and your empathy. Make all my regards to Dr. Ben Jemaa and thank him for me, he really did a good job.

See you soon,

I kiss you. S.

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Madame L. B. : liposuction

Hello Doctor, First I wish to thank you for the work you have done this already much to change my life, already 1-2 size according lost clothes, it changes me a lot, I saw! I lost 6 kg since the operation. Anyway know that I would recommend you because you are a very serious surgeon! Good day and perhaps soon, Best Regards


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26/10/ 2010

Madame H.F. : Liposuction

Date 26/10/10 at 07:54

I was operated on by Dr Ben Jemaa, the Avicenna Clinic, his team is great.

I had heard of the Avicenna Clinic, on a TV show dedicated to cosmetic surgery in Tunisia, but in truth I do not know on what channel, it has been more than a year. For the facelift, I saw a result on a person BEN JEMAA operated, and it is awesome, perfect, it is not seen at all !!

J”y went alone, and I was much stressed, it was the first time I went to Europe, but finally everything went well, I was taking care of my arrival at ‘airport.

I do not have much chest after breastfeeding and I was even more motivated, because I lost the chest, and the little I had was falling. It got me so motivated.

I enjoy to make a total lipo because from two interventions I got a 40% discount

At the level of pain now things are better, the first 3 days (response included) are hard enough, I have already lost 4 cm in thigh circumference, 6 cm belly circumference, hip circumference 4cm, for now I am quite satisfied to wait for the final result.

In Tunisia, I was much talk of Dr. Ben Jemaa, I’m going to a hair salon, and they told me that it was a cosmetic surgeon of Tunis’s most renowned.

I do not regret that I did, I feel much better about myself and am even more fulfilled, I’ll have to take one size bigger, but instantly I did not dare, I afraid that the result is not natural, but it’s perfect.


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octobre 2009

Madame I.L. : abdominoplasty and liposuction

Hello. Back home from eight days I wanted to give my testimony. I had a abdoplastie and lipo end zones 3 October 2009 in your clinic by Dr. Ben Jemma. I have been well supported by all the very kind and helpful staff. The surgeon did a great job and the pain was very well supported. Thank you to all. I will keep a good memory and I advise the Clinic my friends and I will return one day who knows. Best regards to you.


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Madame M. : Abdominoplasty et liposuction

For those who still hesitate when learning a tummy tuck and liposuction: I have been operated by Dr. Ben Jemaa November 12, 2009 for an excess abdominal fat and sagging abdominal muscles.
After three months of contact through the internet, I had enough confidence in the professionalism of the doctor and his experience.
Arrival in Tunis on November 11, reception at the airport by Patricia collaborator Dr., very pleasant, smiling and efficient. She transferred us directly to the Avicenna Clinic, at first I was positively surprised by the rapidity of the management, the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff, and the quality of rooms, spacious and bright.
I met Dr Ben Jemaa from 14 pm, it took time to get to know and very naturally answered all the questions about the intervention, what I found very reassuring, this is a very serious Mr. and rigorous. I then had the visit of the anesthetist cheerful, nice, very “pro”. From 14 am the following day I was operated on, I was not afraid, I was completely confident, the operating room is very modern and the staff pleasant, well accompanied awakening.
The next day I realized that my belly had disappeared, I hardly dared believe it was a total success, I was in heaven !!! I stayed at the clinic three days under the watchful eye of the doctor and his “staff”.
The end of the holiday took place in a calm and pleasant hotel, I had daily visits from Patricia and nurse, Mr affable and gentle, for dressings and care.
Back at home, I could see that I had found my size 38, I finally dares 2 rooms I stayed in contact with Dr. Ben Jemaa who always answered my questions and assured a monitoring very reassuring care.
So do not waste time, I am 56 years old and I think I could get rid of my complexes before. I found the size of my 30 years and if it again I will not hesitate a moment.

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Madame W El A. : rhinoplasty

To: ben jemaa.dr Subject: RE: Rhinoplasty
Hello Doctor, The return went very well and I wanted to thank you for the work done during my rhinoplasty 14/11, and also thank all the hospital staff and nurses (especially Patricia) that was again very kind. I removed the bandages yesterday (with much relief because it itched tremendously!) And the result looks very promising. Regards,

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Madame M.R : blepharoplasty

Subject: A quick hello To: porter patricia

Hello to you, here we are back in our “pénattes” since Saturday, I take tours of girlfriends who do not believe their eyes, what’s it going to be this summer, hey! Hey! Hey !, I hope you’re in good shape, often think of you, My cordial greetings to Dr. Ben Jemma I will contact to keep him informed, and his team.

Friendships soon hope and a thousand thank you for your precious kindness.

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Monsieur P. P. : Lifting

Very expensive Patricia
I’m really happy with my facelift. Now I do not have any marks or scars and it seems so natural that I forget all the stress of the operation. my friends saw that he had something going on my face but n not guess what it was. It is true that I have 10 years younger. My wife is very happy she aussi.e She m ‘said it was very natural. I hope you can realize your facelift very quickly too. It is true that changes life. We are delighted to its image, both for himself and his entourage. I hope that the New Year celebrations present themselves very well and you will have the pleasure to enjoy it a lot. I make you big kisses and see you soon.

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Madame   H. Z. : abdominoplasty

Dear Doctor, I want to thank you for your excellent work and all health care staff for quality care. I thank you for listening and patience because you knew how to put me at ease. I am sure that the result of my intervention will exceed my expectation. In the meantime, please take into consideration my sincere greetings

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Madame   J. F. : Facelift

arrived safely in France, even with my thanks, to you any doctor and the nursing staff and ward staff for the work quality of care and particularly warm entourage; what my husband joins me in all these thanks and yours to thank you particularly for the excellent work done on my face, my husband is very satisfied with the result that it is still great thank you cordially

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Madame G. H. : Breast augmentation and Rhinoplasty

Good evening Dr. Ben Jemaa,

I made me made by you on May 28 for a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty.

More than two months later, I wanted to give you some news …

The suites on my operations are very positive.

- Rhinoplasty: I did not expect a “big” change, for me it was just a small detail correct …

except that this operation has brought a lot of sweetness to my face … everybody am very “embellished” …

like “rejuvenated” I love my little straight nose … it puts my cheekbones Ukrainian worth … and for the first time in my life …

even when I’m cleansed … I find myself pretty. I congratulate you on having managed to correct this defect respecting

the physiognomy of my face … no one has guessed the operation … but everyone finds me beautiful (at my age :-)))

Breast -L’augmentation: healing was done quickly, the pain disappeared two weeks after I returned …

despite the many times I had to wear my little boy, shopping and other …

I am delighted to size selected (75 C) … because although I prefer the fuller breasts … my 45 kgs

harmonize perfectly with my chest. Proportionally, the result is maximum

I could consider natural, and that’s what I wanted.

It is with great pleasure that I changed my underwear … finished overlay several bras

to deceive ….

I continue to relax massages my new breasts … they gradually come to life … and I


So my little stock of stay is more than positive …

It allows me to face “all the rest” in feeling attractive and desirable …

What is essential to keep “hope”.

Thank you for the welcome I received upon my arrival with Patricia, for your skill and your kindness.

If the opportunity arises, I will be happy to show you the super * “result of your work.

I’m a huge kiss to Patricia that was a real ear friend and I do not forget.

and a kiss for you too … and friendly with a big THANK YOU …


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Monsieur O.V. : Lifting

Dear Doctor, Dear Patricia,

I just give you some news and show you some photos of the result of three months after your surgery.

Back in France I applied to the letter your postoperative program lymphatic drainage sessions followed by 11 sessions of LPG. The work of this torture machine is outstanding and the skin quickly loses its fibrosis to find a nice elasticity.

Today everything is fine and psychological benefits are significant. I also agree my body.

Hoping that your side everything is fine, you may take advantage of the summer to rest a little.

I authorize you to use my pictures and if you want the source files, no pb.

Cheers and greetings to you and your team

Olivier .V.

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Madame G. N. : liposuction

Dear Dr. Ben Jemaa

I just give you my news through this mail.

First, I wanted to thank you again for your success on my breasts and your human qualities.

Indeed, since my return I have seen my transformation every day at my legs when I put my clothes on hold I liked that the few kilos caught punished me.

all is well, and I think that a friend will contact you shortly, I told him to go with confidence.

the last words, dear Dr, receive my sincere greetings.

Best regards

G. N

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